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Terms of Use

If you become a member of  KIPRIS,you will be able to search and save various information by using the additional services for members.(My Folder, Save Query, Online Download)
KIPRIS Terms of Use

KIPRIS Terms of Use

The objective of KIPRIS ( user agreement is to stipulate the terms and procedures of Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS) which Korea Institute of Patent Information (KIPI) provides on behalf of Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO).

1. Service Hours

  • ① Service is available throughout 24hours a day, except any incidents where technical difficulty occurs due to any unavoidable circumstances.
  • ② Service availability and any changes will be notified in advance on our website.

2. Termination of Service

KIPI reserves the right to terminate its service in following cases:

  • ① Unavoidable circumstances regarding necessary repair work for equipment.
  • ② Telecommunication interruption and disconnection caused by the telecommunication service provider.
  • ③ During war, disturbance, natural disaster, or any unforeseen national emergency or any possibility of such incidents.
  • ④ Any miscellaneous circumstances where KIPI is unable to provide services.

3. KIPI’s Obligation

  • ① KIPI is obligated by this user agreement to provide service continuously and stably.
  • ② KIPI is to maintain and repair service equipments so as to be operated at any time. In the event of any interruption of service, KIPI shall attempt to repair it promptly.
  • ③ Users’ personal data collected for service initiation from this site shall not be resold or redistributed for any other commercial purpose.
  • ④ Any service related disputes by user will be handled promptly. If immediate response is not easy, KIPI shall notify user of the reason and settlement schedule via telephone, e-mail, or fax.

4. User’s Obligation

  • ① User agrees to be bound by this Agreement and related regulation, and user may not interfere with any execution of one’s business conduct during the usage.
  • ② User is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality or his or her username and password.
  • ③ User agrees to notify KIPI immediately of any probable loss or unauthorized usage of his or her username and password. User also agrees to follow subsequent actions given by KIPI afterwards.
  • ④ User is responsible to update any corrections of address or contact information through this website to maintain the most current information.

5. User’s responsibility

KIPI reserves the right to terminate its service in following cases:

  • ① User is solely responsible for his or her usage of the service, and assumes all responsibilities for the adoption and/or rejection of any data through service even at the resulting act against his or her own interests.
  • ② By nature of its service, providing information database, there may be errors or mistakes. KIPI does not assume any responsibility regarding any loss due to error or mistake of its database.

6. Administration of contents posted on the website

KIPI reserves the right to remove any contents from its websites without notice for any reason in following cases:

  • ① Any intention of slander to falsely spread rumor to defame anyone.
  • ② Any violation against good public order and customs.
  • ③ Any recognizable criminal acts.
  • ④ Any infringement of copyright of KIPI or any third party.
  • ⑤ Any violation against miscellaneously related laws and ordinances.

7. Reversion of copyright

All copyrighted materials and intellectual property or other proprietary information shall belong to copyright owner or KIPI.